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YL Resources

Who is Young Living?

Young Living began with Gary  & Mary Young’s desire to help people experience the life-changing benefits of essential oils. That was true in 1985 and is true today. Learn about the many people behind Gary’s mission: “Every person as the right to wellness.”

YL Monthly PV Promo

  Young Living’s monthly PV promo allows you to earn free gifts just for shopping your favorite essential oils and oil-infused products. This is how you make the oils work for you.

New To Oils? Want to Get Educated?

Learn about Young Living’s stringent SEED TO SEAL standard; essential oil basics and safety, and how to use them to enhance your home, wellness, beauty, and balance. Explore Young Living’s Learning Center and take courses on Getting started with essential oils, NingXia Red, Self-care practices, and more! 

The Lavender Life Young Living Essential Oils Blog

The Young Living Essential Oils Blog is dedicated to providing information on what essential oils are and how to use them. Fabulous DIY posts too!

Social Media


Follow @diffusedsonlight on Instagram! We are Christ lovin’, and Oily livin’!  As Executive Brand Partners with YL we empower families toward active and healthy lifestyles!

Essential Oils Club (E.O.C)

The E.O.C. is a group dedicated to teaching and sharing about Young Living Essential Oils and products and how they support the body and a wellness lifestyle. Their mission is to 1. Educate, 2. Open Minds and 3. Create Hope!  Tons of amazing (short) videos!!

Splash! YL Lifestyle

Join in each week and get get to know YL Leaders who contribute daily posts sharing their Young Living product and oily lifestyle tips with all of us! My mentor and our Upline, Danette Goodyear, is always posting incredible live content that you don’t want to miss!

Inside Out - Natural, Savvy Beauty

Moms, wives, successful entrepreneurs share  makeup tutorials, natural skin care, body beauty and wellness, and their favorite recipes for beautiful, savvy living.

Diffused Sonlight Videos

Navigating Your YL Virtual Office

I created this quick video to help members navigate their Young Living Essential Oil Virtual Office (logging into your account, ordering products, etc.).

Unpacking Your Premium Starter Kit

I created this quick tutorial on what to do now that your YL Premium Starter Kit has arrived! YAAASS!!

Essential Oils 101!

Curious about what Essential Oils really are? And why is Young Living the leader in essential oils! Come hang out with me while I chat about these important quesitons!  I created this quick video overview for the busy person that wants to KNOW but is on the GO!

Books & Media (Some of my faves!)