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NOPE. I’m not lemon. I know that’s what you are thinking based on the picture. I just love that picture. #enoughsaid. But, if you want to really learn more about me, you can.

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I never pictured myself as an entrepreneur.

I’ve always had the drive to do something if I see that someone else can do it. For example, I saw a friend taking amazing photos. I became a photographer. I saw a friend making amazing watercolor pictures. I became a watercolor artist and opened an Etsy shop. I saw a friend take up running to slim down her midline. I ran a marathon.

But then I met a friend who ran her own Young Living business. I froze. I could not do that.  But why?

Somehow running my own business, being an entrepreneur seemed WAY bigger than a photo, painting or even running a marathon (yes, all 26 miles!). But, true to form, I tried it. And I dabbled as a hobbyist for many years. Sharing about clean living . . . casually. #slothpace

But then I entered a season of my life where, despite pouring my all into my “job”, I realized that my worth and value were still tethered to what other people thought of me.

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